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Magdalo Truths and Lies!

(The following was taken from the Magdalo Media Blog post dated 21 June 2005. It is being reproduced here since the Magdalo Friendster profile has not been updated in years.)

Did we become "the very enemy we sought to destroy"? Initially, I thought so, but after realizing the importance of our existance here, I don’t really think so. We are not the notorious MAGDALO Group everyone initially thinks of us. We are (or were) student journalists. We, of all people, knows the school and its system cause we apply it every day of our College life. HE who has not ever been a student journalist AND a student of EAC should not claim to know the whole truth. HE doesn’t even know why students call The Library a sleeping area. WE, the students, know more than they think we know.

Revenge of the Sith

Ding, ang BATO?!

            There’s no time left for me here, but I must pass on the knowledge or else it would be lost FOREVER.… I never really paid much attention on my miscellaneous fees before I entered Magdalo and was granted scholarship, but still, I guess these would be worth telling to every Emilian whether they care or not.

            “actually, this is SHIT,” someone from the higher floors told me as I submitted the proof of MAGDALO 2005 Sports Special magazine. It was sympathetically understandable but of course I was still offended. “Ding, ang bato,” I would have asked. But instead of exclaiming Darna, I would have said MAGDALO cause I firmly stand by its principle of protecting the interest of the students. I just hope you’ll find the next lines interesting enough to spread it out quick before I delete it.

            So, let’s talk about the figures. But first, let me just say that none of what I’m saying is illegal to divulge. For a fact, disclosure is the LAW.

On S.Y. 2004-05, Magdalo released its first issue. The cost: Php30.00 per copy (32 pages with 5 pages colored) x 8,000 copies. In summation, that’s Php240,000. Wow, sounds big? It’s not. We’re approximately 8,000 in student population that S.Y. I don’t think I need to mention the math on that, go figure!

Next, Magdalo released a second magazine for the S.Y. worth Php44.00 per copy (40 pages with 18 pages colored) x 7,000 copies. Php308,000 in total cost. I need not to remind everyone that Publication Fee is charged every semester including Summer Class. At that release, Magdalo was fortunate enough to have had an increase in pages with colors other than black and white.

Next to that came the xeroxed Newsletters. First was of 12 pages x 2,000 copies. Then, it was of 14 pages x 1,500 copies. Normally, Magdalo makes a job order printing to EAC-Cavite where the school has its own printing press. But at these times, it was xeroxed at the Test Bank where most of the mid-term and final exams are reproduced. Time was not a luxury. The costs, unfortunately were undisclosed to Magdalo or were not noted. In any case, if let’s say they charge less than that of the usual xerox or less than 50 cents per page, you do the math!

Finally, we come to the SHIT I mentioned earlier. Obviously, it was judged clearly by the covers! The limited edition Sports magazine is at Php57.00 per copy (40 pages with 100% Colored pages) x 6,000 copies. The total cost is Php342,000. It is pending its release approximately on July S.Y. 2005-06.

In case our critiques did not notice, here’s the scores. From only almost 16% colored pages, the magazine elevated to 45%, and finally to 100% colored pages. To that who said that the Magdalo magazine on its last is a SHIT, I beg to DISAGREE! Neither do I agree when people said that we’re trying to separate from the school on our functions by attempting to publish the last magazine outside the school. That attempt, by the way, was turned down by the administration. Don’t ask me why, ask them! To add, the layout, I firmly believe, is beyond the usual old fashion layout of Magdalo from its previous existence. You see, it’s not just about the Generals Men’s Basketball Team. It’s greatly about Magdalo on the top of its GAME! To that person again, we originated progress in Magdalo, so don’t get started come S.Y. 05-06.

And so, they even say that such machine that makes negatives of that which will color the pages is limited to a few companies in Metro Manila. But guess what, in our modern days of advancement, most printing house outside has this so-called “color separation machine”, which does the output of negatives for the colored pages. EAC-Cavite printing press is way behind technological advancement, and that is a FACT. Who said anything about CUTS, as in money cuts? The school, or to whom it may concern there, suspects that Magdalo will take a scrumptious slice of the publication fund once the paper is printed outside. “such evil thoughts cloud your mind”- Star Wars

EAC-Cavite (unquoted)- even the big papers find other companies to do their color separations.

Manila Bulletin (unquoted for the sake of the inside informant)- Yes, MB does its own color separation.

Small printing press- (unquoted)Yes, we do everything. “di namin pinahahawak sa iba yung mga gawa namin.(quoted!)”

As I left the building, like Darna’s stone, I swallowed it whole. Somehow, despite all the deceit, I found strength, strength to fight back! So help us GOD!


Magdalo Fund S.Y. 2004-2005 (1st, 2nd Semester and Summer) = approximately Php5.8 Million based on approximately 8,000 student population. “Approximately” because the school is apparently using the old trick of delaying tactics when it comes to the full disclosure of the Financial Statement of the School Publication Fee under the miscellaneous fees. Only the accounting office has the exact figures!

(The following was taken from the Magdalo Media Blog post dated 6 June 2005. Since the blog’s parent profile is inactive, it is worth being reproduced here.)

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Adding Rationale

(This post is intended to further explain the requirements posted forth in the main profile page. Please do not be offended if the following will strike a chord, especially if you were among those rejected.)

This profile was created in late 2003 with the noble intention of building the MAGDALO‘s first home online and was intended to bring together past and serving staff members who have made positive contributions to the publication during their stay.

For an explanation of the items under the main page’s Who I Want To Meet section:

1. “Legit MAGDALO staff…”

This profile was meant to welcome serving staff members who have pledged to work hard for the MAGDALO for as long as they have sworn an undertaking and passed the selection process. Much professionalism is expected from them.

2. “Pub alumni who…”

This is where the explanation is too long for the “Who I Want To Meet” box. It may or may not be a case of contradiction or double standards, but everyone is entitled to his or her opinion.

As noted, this profile was only meant to take in those who did their time in MAGDALO and did their duty well, despite restrictions placed by the EAC administration.

The downside to this was that people who were clearly freeloaders, in it only for the scholarship and the perks instead of writing articles for the betterment of the Emilian studentry, stood a fair chance of being added. These are the kind who would, for example, stay on the staff for many years without having done anything worthwhile, get retained often, and reap the enmity of staff members who have been through it all. Thus, they were excluded to prevent their seed from infecting some of the people in this profile. Their past can haunt them if they seek a place here.

In short, if you’ve become damaged goods, you can’t be added here.

3. “Student publications that have …”

Unlike other active student publications’ Friendster (or Facebook) pages, this profile is only meant for networking with similar pages, though the inclusion of EAC student orgs is still under study. This requirement also hinges on whether a student publication that seeks addition had staff members who met any members of MAGDALO ever. Thus, profiles of non-MAGDALO personnel (whether they are also campus journalists or not) cannot be accepted here, no matter how many times they looked at it or tried to add.

The pre-adding verification by having the applicant unlock his or her profile is important, because it allows for the account manager to fully peruse the profile for his or her notability of inclusion, to check whether the person was ever a member of MAGDALO, a friend of someone on the staff…or simply a casual browser who thought getting added here was cool (A check of the staff boxes also suffices as a secondary option). You were a staff member who wants to be part of the list? You’ll have to hack it if you want your request to be approved. Your profile cannot be added then dropped later because it turned out that you never served on the staff. And if you were rejected, creating a “poser” MAGDALO profile of your own would only show that you are sourgraping because your request was turned down. We’re sorry, but there are rules that have to be followed.


Welcome to the Magdalo Contributors Blog!

In this blog, you will see some of the more exotic articles that are probably too hard-core for publishing in the MAGDALO broadsheet or magazine because some people in high places will get (or have been) offended. This aims to be the side of MAGDALO that could have been if the powers that be just stepped aside and let the students write what they want.

Staff members and alumni who are interested in submitting articles can e-mail their work to Their text will be reproduced for posting, with credit to be given where it is due. This will only be limited to staffers who are on The Magdalo’s Friendster list.

May our journey be bright, our ideals not compromised, and our flame of campus press freedom not be extinguished.

Thank you for visiting this blog, and we hope to hear from you soon.