Adding Rationale

(This post is intended to further explain the requirements posted forth in the main profile page. Please do not be offended if the following will strike a chord, especially if you were among those rejected.)

This profile was created in late 2003 with the noble intention of building the MAGDALO‘s first home online and was intended to bring together past and serving staff members who have made positive contributions to the publication during their stay.

For an explanation of the items under the main page’s Who I Want To Meet section:

1. “Legit MAGDALO staff…”

This profile was meant to welcome serving staff members who have pledged to work hard for the MAGDALO for as long as they have sworn an undertaking and passed the selection process. Much professionalism is expected from them.

2. “Pub alumni who…”

This is where the explanation is too long for the “Who I Want To Meet” box. It may or may not be a case of contradiction or double standards, but everyone is entitled to his or her opinion.

As noted, this profile was only meant to take in those who did their time in MAGDALO and did their duty well, despite restrictions placed by the EAC administration.

The downside to this was that people who were clearly freeloaders, in it only for the scholarship and the perks instead of writing articles for the betterment of the Emilian studentry, stood a fair chance of being added. These are the kind who would, for example, stay on the staff for many years without having done anything worthwhile, get retained often, and reap the enmity of staff members who have been through it all. Thus, they were excluded to prevent their seed from infecting some of the people in this profile. Their past can haunt them if they seek a place here.

In short, if you’ve become damaged goods, you can’t be added here.

3. “Student publications that have …”

Unlike other active student publications’ Friendster (or Facebook) pages, this profile is only meant for networking with similar pages, though the inclusion of EAC student orgs is still under study. This requirement also hinges on whether a student publication that seeks addition had staff members who met any members of MAGDALO ever. Thus, profiles of non-MAGDALO personnel (whether they are also campus journalists or not) cannot be accepted here, no matter how many times they looked at it or tried to add.

The pre-adding verification by having the applicant unlock his or her profile is important, because it allows for the account manager to fully peruse the profile for his or her notability of inclusion, to check whether the person was ever a member of MAGDALO, a friend of someone on the staff…or simply a casual browser who thought getting added here was cool (A check of the staff boxes also suffices as a secondary option). You were a staff member who wants to be part of the list? You’ll have to hack it if you want your request to be approved. Your profile cannot be added then dropped later because it turned out that you never served on the staff. And if you were rejected, creating a “poser” MAGDALO profile of your own would only show that you are sourgraping because your request was turned down. We’re sorry, but there are rules that have to be followed.

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