In Defense of MAGDALO: One Year After

[Note: The following is the actual text of a post that a concerned staff member wrote around one year ago on a thread in the EAC Friendster group. The thread can be found here…

I have been watching this thread and been monitoring the situation on the ground for quite some time, and judging by what I read, see, or hear, I am not the least bit amused with this smear campaign Ms MA YE ALBIOLA and Mr CHRISTIAN PAUL MARTINEZ brought to our attention online. We know what you have been sending, le grand zeros you all are.

(thanks to Mr Barredo and Ms Laigo for putting me in the perfect state of mind as I write these words. just reading your posts revitalizes my spirit, knowing that you still have the same fire as I do after all these years. may your tribe increase.)

I can no longer stand by and watch these vermin from EAC Cavite –FELLOW EMILIANS, OF ALL PEOPLE!– try to put down the publication that was my home in Emilio Aguinaldo College for many years, the birthplace of some of my most cherished friendships and the most bitter of animosities; the source of my idealism; and the place that taught me the meaning of professionalism, integrity, loyalty, raw courage, and the triumph of the human spirit above all adversities. Seeing that I am posting this six years to the day after I attended my first staff meeting, just allows the memories to flow back easily.

This organisation of blood, sweat, tears, and ink helped me become the person I am today. this is the place I always love coming back to once in a while, the place where I enjoy teaching the younger ones about some of the old days, and relate to them how some things happening today also manifested during my time. That is more than some former staff who are still here in EAC, but couldn’t even approach the office because of the sacrilege they have committed inside and are too proud to admit.

I can definitely say this: there are a lot of good and skilled people here in MAGDALO, far more than these TAMBULI people care to think. Given the right encouragement, training, support, and inspiration (not emulation) from non-EAC publications, they can go toe-to-toe with them and be recognised as equals. The name recall and frequent questioning if we are associated with the Oakwood mutineers? We enjoy laughing at such jokes and compliments.

I bet the TAMBULI couldn’t even get close to HERALDO FILIPINO (and they are just across the street from your turf!) enough to draw insights from them about what a student publication really is.

MAGDALO’s already made good progress even with years-old equipment in the office and when we couldn’t use much of our PHP 3-million budget every sem because Mam Masilungan and the people at the Accounting Office are such aholes of bean counters to furnish us a decent financial statement. Samples of progress? The SPORTS SPECIAL, “?”, and DO YOU KNOW WHAT’S GOING ON? newsmagazines are the best examples to come out in recent years, not the kind that ends up as pambalot ng tinapa or Sir Mike Pangilinan’s depository of his phlegm. The BALIKASAN could have been better if schmucks like dela Cruz and Sonny Villafania (who never had any place in MAGDALO to begin with, IMHO) did not contribute. Paradise of Wrath? The MAGDALO office itself is a Paradise of Wrath, because it has people who want to drive their feet up his ass so bad if they could get away with it.

Unlike the horrid paper it is now, the MAGDALO I know was the same publication…

…that sponsored the search for the EAC Hymn 20 years ago, and later published the winning piece. (Bet you didn’t know about this. Where were you during this time, Mr Martinez? An undeveloped drop of jizz in your dad’s crotch?)

…that had two people who served as editors-in-chief for more than one year. One of them eventually became the adviser.

…that sent 28 staff members to the first five editions of the CEGP LUNDUYAN seminar and took their lessons to heart. Result: improved quality of the paper, in form and substance. One of the staffers even got elected as vice-chairman of the NCR Committee.

…whose Editorial Board stood firm against Billy Beleno and the Central Scholarship Council’s (Why scholarship and not student? they asked the admin for it!) attempt to purge them through a signature campaign three years ago this quarter, because the staff attacked their failure to honour election promises.

…which unmasked the fact that the school used Magdalo funds to pay its corporate communications officer-a former staffer at that-and Informatics.

…that finds the trouble of sending staff to the EAC printing press to talk with the operators on how their magazines should be printed, instead of having the adviser send the copy for them.

…that actively covered the Generals during the legendary SEASON OF DESTINY four years ago and released the first-ever matte-proof magazine to chronicle the once-in-a-lifetime occurrence.

Those and some other factoids help make me proud of having served here in Magdalo, even if some of what I’ve written are too sensitive to be put on the printing press. They are hallmarks of a publication that can witness and write history as they happen, not embellish it with high praise. Can TAMBULI even do that…where were they back then? And their website hasn’t been updated in two years!

And when some dickwick monkey of a cybercoward from Cavite comes out of the blue, spouts Bob Marley quotes so much that he only needs to grow dreadlocks to be exactly like him (pardon me, but that act’s getting OLD!), and markets his pub as “grammatically correct” than MAGDALO when their product are actually in the same league of praise releases as The New Light of Myanmar or even the Marcos-era Daily Express, that’s when we don’t laugh. I’m not a Psychology graduate, but I think there’s a term for such things? ‘Projection’ I believe (Thank you Sir Alvin Ignacio!), calling people some things that accurately describe the person uttering them. Guess what? by starting this thread, you and TAMBULI are the projector. Don’t even think of throwing that back at me, gaya-gaya ka na nun.

You may find it easy to criticize, but try going here to EAC-Manila, being in our shoes for one day, and just maybe, you will understand-oh yeah yeah yeah, I hear you out there saying, ‘Why should we? We don’t have to, we already know enough, thank you,’ or ‘Can I take a raincheck?’ but either way kid, as Morpheus may say, “There’s a difference between learning the path and walking the path.” You’re too much of a wuss to even try and it shows. IT ALREADY HAD WHEN YOU STARTED THIS THREAD, you mushmouth with a vienna sausage and a pair of quail eggs between your legs! You say we are angry at you? we have every right to be, you little scheisskerl bug!

As for your diatribe about not intending to join Magdalo anytime soon, Silent hit it right in the head, even when your head is too deep in your own ass. You’re no different from MATTHEW ALFONSO ALLIANZA of PT/OT, who applied for the Editorial Exams twice and got rejected twice; RODOLFO PIO VALDEZ JR, a neophyte who resigned from Magdalo two days after being appointed because he wanted to be EIC instead of managing editor; and even FROILAN CASER, who never took the exams but got eventually appointed as Photo Editor. These are the kinds of people who would definitely feel right at home in TAMBULI.

You put us down, we will run your ass down good and probably hit the reverse gear for a second helping. You admit having a poor grasp of English, but you preach good grammar? haha, what contradictions. Try deconstructing the posts in here that are against you (which are everything else in this thread that do not have your name on it), but you will be swamped with the pressure of trying to find bad grammar, because frankly, you ain’t gonna find ’em here boy.

The TAMBULI are just too pigheaded to realize that we are the better lot of the two, even though there are bad seeds among us that are just like you guys…like (I dare say their names!) MALOU MANUEL, that cheat of a Nursing instructor who once marketed M2SE in the form of MAGDALO food coupons, and his acolyte, REG PANIS; MIKE VIADO, that 500-pound sack of lard-slash-Generals associate coach who earned scholarships without lifting a finger, and DEAN NELIDA LARES, who bribes the staff in the form of copies of OUR DAILY BREAD and goes on the warpath against us when we report PACUCOA as having slapped ‘unfavourable’ marks on her, because she continues with the same brand of deception that she pulled off as VPSA in the late 90s. These people are the exception to the fact that MAGDALO’s a great paper, the three issues they ever published are of the same quality as every one of TAMBULI’s. All horse-puckey crap. Too bad none of their copies exist anymore, not even in the office. I know that for a fact because I saw them and I didn’t even keep a copy of each in my collection. I threw them all away, you say? Sure I did, and Kermit and Miss Piggy will have kids.

And now to Leopuddle delata.

From the first moment I learned of his ways, I knew that the prick did not have the most noble of intentions for MAGDALO. I think the earlier statement above did justice to describe him well. He reportedly left Cavite because he was being ‘manipulated’…yeah, so he could manipulate MAGDALO? oookay. Why did that erstwhile EAC-Cavite EVP not allow the guys to go to Naga? He suggested an outing for all of them instead. I didn’t even think Inkblots was possible given the two weeks to release the funds-if i remember, the 2005-06 staff pulled off the same feat with Mam Cora’s help in going to Baguio for LUNDUYAN. That guy even stares at me when i visited the office a couple of times; not that I wilt in his presence, but he is just threatened because I bond well with the staff, but know enough limitations to LET THEM DO THEIR THING-which he did not.

I’m quite happy that someone shouted in his face outside the school, and he jumped. The previous posts were right. He mangled and wrecked everything that was built for the past four years, a Renaissance that could have been if he only listened enough. It’s a miracle that his face hasn’t been busted wide open…

He ought to head down south again to rejoin TAMBULI, because he will definitely belong there in Dasma than he has had here in Manila.

As for you Mr Martinez, your responses only show that you are really as stupid as they come. Really? you’ve hooked up with some Magdalo people on your side of the fence, hmmm…either those people are bad apples like you do or you’re just making stuff up-and if we asked you for names, you’d probably draft some names out of a hat, and we’d know quick if that person does exist.

I guess you can’t accept being unmasked for acting the way you do here, and I think it would do you good if you kept off the threads for a couple of days if not permanently. Enough time for you to tighten up some screws that have gotten loose while you were trying to counter-argue with Denver, Silent, and Danica Lian, who is, contrary to your rant, is updated with the situation here. We in MAGDALO have our sanity still intact. Is yours in pristine condition as well? From what we’re reading, we don’t think so. And this is not the kind of response you had in mind when you opened this topic, did you? How the fucking hell did you even last years in that shitbox you call your pub?

If you reply to this, then that’s the confirmation we’ve been seeking for the past few days, no matter how extensive your reply may be…THAT YOU HAVE ALREADY LOST YOUR MIND, MR CHRISTIAN PAUL G MARTINEZ, AND SO HAVE EVERYONE ELSE IN TAMBULI.

Good day.

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