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To all MAGDALO staff and Emilians,

Today is June 30, 2010…and a new dawn begins tomorrow.

On this day, the entire country saw the winner of the recent national elections, Sen Benigno Aquino III, take his oath as the 15th President of the Republic of the Philippines.

His election signalled the outburst of hope for a country still reeling from nine years of Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo and his takeover of the country’s highest post is the end-result of the people’s right to vote that they expressed on May 10.

Aquino’s inaugural address was full of optimism, bravery, the desire for change and the determination to put our country back on its feet. However, he warned that a lot of hard work and cooperation is still needed from each and every one of us over the next six years.

What does that mean for us at MAGDALO? A lot actually.

Six years ago, our country entered another period of darkness, the advent of which later came to light with Hello Garci, while at the same time, our publication lay in tatters but was later populated by staff members who desired to give Emilians back their voice after a year of pain.

Six years later, the Philippines is set to enter an uncertain period, but one filled with bright prospects under the helm of one man who is eager to serve the people he has now called his “bosses.” On the other hand, one man who has destroyed the careers of several young Emilians has begun another year as the publication’s adviser…with much blood on his hands, a diminished credibility he refuses to admit, and a warped sense of journalistic prowess.

If there is to be any reconciliation, P-Noy has the perfect message for this:

if they mean that they would like us to simply forget about the wrongs that they have committed in the past, we have this to say: there can be no reconciliation without justice.

As a new day begins, we, the sons and daughters of the Red Scroll, wish President Noy all the best in leading our people and stand with him in uplifting our country. Even if they are now in Heaven, Mr President, we know your parents are proud of what you have done and have much confidence in your abilities. It is also time for you to become your own man.

Good luck, P-Noy, and remember, hindi ka nag-iisa.

Mukha Ba Akong 25?

Fellow MAGDALO staff and all Emilians,

Today is June 6, 2010…our 25th anniversary (if we go by the first Monday of June 1985)

A day very few people mark as the creation of our publication.

A day to look back on our past, to honour our heritage…and remember those who served alongside us.

It is also a day that in a perfect world, we would celebrate with a meaningful event to mark a milestone, but current circumstances have made us observe this day as one to grieve the sad condition of our paper.

There were times in our 25-year history that a band of brothers and sisters came together to uphold the rights of the Emilian and to take risks in reporting the freshest news in our school as accurate as possible…and there were moments that our publication was rocked by deception and treachery that had the hallmarks of an inside job. Unfortunately, in recent times, more of the latter have surfaced to devastating effect.

We have heard stories of warring deans and other officials rushing the MAGDALO office complaining about biases in some of our articles, but later provide glowing praise when the articles are in their favour.

We have often encountered students who simply throw away the fruits of our hard work after browsing them all, or those who talk behind our backs about how crappy the stuff has turned out. On the lighter side, some students would commend us for taking the chance to strike our school administrators with hard-hitting articles that hit them where it hurts. We truly became bad mofos on the block with the quality of our writings and the look of our issues. This became possible as well by being sent to the right seminars where our journalism skills could be honed, not to junkets like the Rizal Youth Leadership. Those who attended the CEGP LUNDUYAN seminars from 2002 to 2006 can attest to this.

We have also received criticism and counsel from former staff whose intentions to help were noble, but have been severely castigated for alleged interference. In some aspects, there were disgraced ex-staffers who thought they could redeem themselves by joining up again or confronting younger staffers when their sins spoke for themselves, calling their work as trash compared to the ridiculous drivel they once made. Others, like that coach, were so unrepentant that they also try to suck up to the editorial board by praising the quality of their issues if the papers were well-received by the students.

All of these have become reality until late in the previous decade, when three people came that would gradually corrupt our organization to its knees without admitting that they have: LEOPOLDO DELA CRUZ, AURORA VERONIKA YUMUL, and ARMANDO PARAS…all of which with the connivance of their immediate boss, DEAN NELIDA LARES, a former yet disgraced adviser at that.

Their actions truly spoke for themselves:

Dela Cruz, for bastardizing our content by even questioning the composition of our editorial columns, denying us another LUNDUYAN trip for no clear reason, and for siccing his old lackeys at TAMBULI on us after he was dismissed, leading to the infamous flame war of July 2008 in the EAC FS Group thread.

Yumul, for denouncing previous batches as rogues and claiming we’ve been fighting their manipulation of the pub so we will not be ‘replaced’. What ignorance coming from someone who was at EDSA in 1986.

Paras? The charge sheet against him is growing longer every day he is still the adviser. Does his deliberate destruction of non-EAC student publications and OUR OWN PUBLICATION ARCHIVES, orders to shun all contact with publication alumni ‘for their own sake’, having a twisted sense of which staffer is on scholarship and who is not even when all of them are on the staff box, vetting articles through a screening committee that exists only in his mind, writing his own column on the paper, rubbing his shenanigans right in the face of staffers on their Facebook walls, and most of all, blocking old staff members from applying for the next editorial board and deliberately limiting it to freshmen, mean anything to you? The nerve to denounce all of us as infected with ‘false idealism from outside writers’ organisations’…you couldn’t even write a decent sentence with proper grammar and it shows on what Andrea Altarejos et al have produced!

Today, we stand at a crossroads, together with other proud members scattered across the planet.

The events of the past 25 years, let alone the last five, have left us with some lessons to consider.

Do we still have a chance to bring back the luster that scoundrels like those above and other self-serving staffers deliberately washed away by destroying our heritage, our worth to the Emilian…and our honor?

Has saving the publication’s integrity and credibility become the task that many dared not try?

Are we condemning the publication’s future to a cabal of freshmen who would sell their souls to the devil – the kind who tell us ‘wait and see, by the way, you don’t have to judge us’ – in exchange for scholarships? Do we see such people running our publication for the next 25 years?

Sons and daughters of the Red Scroll, we have a chance to fight this ugly war once again and WIN IT BIG, let us know if you’re in on this. Never turn your back on where you came from. We’re not just doing this to salvage our pride-it’s always been there. We call upon ye faithful to help in striking a blow for not just the future of our publication, but for the common Emilian as well. These people who brought our paper to hell deserve our wrath.

To all Emilians, it would be better if your writing capabilities are expressed without fear of censorship if your own college could establish a publication of its own like Dentistry’s Word of Mouth have done instead of trying to get it published in a paper where the adviser has become a psychological train wreck and would do everything to suppress bad news.

May God Bless Us All.