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I am sad because Steve Jobs was my dad.

“The guy holding an apple is Dr. Campos’ evil twin. Just kidding, it’s an apple.” from MAGDALO, Volume XXII-4, Jan-Feb 2007

(The following is a Facebook note Mr Jean Paul Catacutan wrote on 6 October 2011. The source URL is Republished with the author’s express permission.)

I come from the Third World-I was born and raised in Ilagan, Isabela, Philippines. I don’t want to give the impression that my town is poor or primitive. I know that the “Third World” description puts up an image of an unbelievably crowded, dusty, non-cemented road or a market full of beggars and people suffering from starvation. But my town isn’t like that. We are not poor. I’ve never heard of anyone from my town or my province who starved to death. We were ok. Just ok. Continue reading