The end of an Indignant Evil?

2010-2011 Editorial Board.
The fat bastard on the left.

This month, we learned that the greatest and longest-serving scourge to curse the MAGDALO Editorial Board since the days of Mrs Lares, Armando Paras, has resigned from the school after several years, supposedly due to academic commitments.

To those who worked under him from 2009 to 2011, he may be looked upon as a father figure…

…but to those who had him as their adviser on his first year in MAGDALO back in 2008, he is nothing more than a fat, corrupt, and revisionist excuse of a man who destroyed copies of foreign student publications and our own archives, indoctrinated staffers against interacting with publication alumni (never mind if some of them are actually coursemates) “for their own sake” and denouncing them as people “infected with false idealism,” maneuvered to remain on the job even when his integrity was already compromised, purging the staff who rebelled against his grave misconduct and replaced with his own lackeys, limiting the staff pool to freshmen and sophomores only under the guise of kailangan ng bago…the rap sheet goes on. That rant about “suffering a lot of stress and difficulty” when the petition was filed against you? Nice try about passing yourself off as the victim when it was YOU did the victimizing. BTW, how frequently did your puppets publish issues? Oh, that’s right, once-twice per sem, and of questionable quality at that!

While his departure may be a blessing to a publication that presents a shaky front of being supported by the Emilian (despite obvious lapses in grammar and a preponderance of pictures in supposed quality issues), it cannot be denied that Armando Paras wrought extensive damage to MAGDALO’s credibility as a voice of the studentry, more than his pride can ever take. It is a shame that he was never made accountable for the crimes he committed. He really did a good job blocking many of the staffers from applying as many of them are already gone from the school or graduated – save one who went on as an Associate Editor because she didn’t sign a petition to oust him. Either way, he left the stewardship of the paper under a very dark cloud at the end of the first semester.

Is this a cause for celebration for us? How can the studentry be assured that Paras is not going to manipulate MAGDALO’s affairs from the sidelines, even if a successor, Francis Esmeralda of the EAC NSTP program, is already in business? We don’t know, but it is our fervent hope that the staffers left behind will finally muster the courage to talk to old hands and seek their counsel. They should also do away with the nonsense editorial policy he made up. As long as he is still in EAC or even in touch with people from the inside, that man is a threat to the freedom the paper truly deserved and any sweeping declarations of non-interference from him should not be believed, even as the admin continues to keep the staff’s hands tied.

Rot in Hell and fuck you very much for your service to the paper, Armando Paras, wherever you may be. You can shove that history book of yours right up your ass. We hope your daughters will not grow to be as sniveling fools as you’ve already become.

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