Being Proud at 114

Today is our country’s 114th Independence Day…but is there anything worth celebrating?

It is indeed a time to be proud of our status as Asia’s “first republic,” but how can we really feel independence when …

… our inventions are copied abroad and the inventors paid piddly royalties?

… the only time to express “Filipino Pride” is when singers of pure or half-Filipino heritage hit the big-time abroad, or – until last Sunday – when Pacman prevails over another opponent?

… our country often has to come crying to Uncle Sam for arms – some even second-hand – when our territory is violated?

… our presidents come home from official trips abroad carrying pledges of billion-dollar investments, but couldn’t quite solve our domestic issues (lack of classrooms, RH bill opposition, etc) that well?

… the TV networks remake foreign shows for the local setting but don’t quite get the flavor of the original content?

… we ape pop culture from Japan and South Korea, as if getting a cue from the US is not enough?

This should make you raise some questions if you’re up to it.

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