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Newsweek: The End of Paper Route

An end to a remarkable journey.

This week, the popular news magazine Newsweek begins a new era in its operations. Starting January 2013, all future issues of the magazine will go digital, meaning all subscribers will be sent copies right on their mobile gadgets. The above issue hit newsstands on December 24, 2012, capping off a spectacular 79-year journey dating back to the release of the premiere issue on February 17, 1933.

This move is part of a partnership between Newsweek and the online news source The Daily Beast, wherein the publication will be called Newsweek Global. The publication management stated that the shift was prompted by increasing demand for getting news from online content. Continue reading

El Presidente

Makes you think if EAC even endorses this, knowing that it inculcates its employees against making history lessons that portray Kapitan Miong in a negative light.

Hard Realities

A national hero falls.

Photo credits from AFP

Sometimes, people on the top must be given a reality check – that all glory indeed is fleeting.

Manny Pacquiao is no exception – and Juan Manuel Marquez has finally done where countless men have failed.

Send the Pacman to sleep on the floor.

Just retire already Manny. No offense to our more pious friends, but your Christian beliefs have made you soft.