Monthly Archives: February 2013


This week, we mark the 40th anniversary of our august College.

All week long, the EAC family will have numerous activities left and right designed to show the supposedly illustrious history of our school.

Despite the revelry that awaits us, we should ask ourselves, how far has our College gone? How much have we evolved as Emilians? Even with the efforts to expand our educational offerings, the facilities and the enrollment numbers that may not be accurate yet parroted by our paper…

…we cannot deny that our school was named after a Japanese sympathizer of a president whose life story was recently highlighted in a biopic that was anything but epic.

Yes, the educational offerings may be more refined than at the time of the pearl anniversary ten years ago. But is there any real substance to it, when our students’ history lessons are taught by professors who are ordered not to discuss anything negative about Kapitan Miong?

Think about it, ten years ago, our school was limited to just seven buildings, not to mention the EAC Gym which was not even that much complete; now we have at least eight. Back then, the dormitory at EAC 1 was still active; now it serves as the facilities for the AIS. Back in the day, many classrooms at EAC 5 were bustling; now at least half of them have become faculty offices for the SAS, once known as the College of Arts of Sciences (formerly based at EAC 1 as well,) and formerly split into the College of Liberal Arts and the College of Science. The EAC Library itself was integrated with the Science Museum. The office of the Budyong Theater Art Guild at the EAC Bridgeway became the College of Radiologic Technology’s offices. Budyong was itself reformed into the Yaman Lahi Theater Arts Guild and even the Pangalay Artists Circle. Our school even hosted some events of the 2005 Southeast Asian Games – but suffered embarrassment thanks to a man who sabotaged plans for hosting an international dancesport competition (yeah, we’re looking at you, Joey Mallari!).

The Generals of ten years ago were pushovers in the leagues we competed in. During the interlude, the squad amassed a string of titles in the UCAA, UniGames, and the NCRAA – with three UCAA titles under their belts – one of which collected in an otherwise perfect season. One player from that illustrious squad now playing in the nation’s premiere basketball league – Ronjay Buenafe. Still, like ten years ago, our Generals are back to being pushovers, this time in another collegiate league.

As for the quality and the moral integrity of our paper, since the pearl anniversary, it has gone through so many up and downs. We were denied a chance to publish a special 30th anniversary commemorative issue due to politics. That same politics caused the first of many subjugations of the paper to admin subservience. We experienced a halcyon time of the paper being the students’ arm of decision – only for administration politics to rear its ugly head again over five years ago with the entrance of two advisers who sank the paper to lower depths. One of them even went further by banning veterans – save one – from joining subsequent Editorial Boards and demonized them before the serving staffers. It was understood that staffers would not be allowed to serve come junior year, but yet we have one that is in senior year.

These men rendered incalculable damage to the paper by even destroying traces of our past. And now, what kind of paper do we have, a paper that is suddenly as old as the College itself without even a shred of proof about our origins?

Go celebrate 40 years of our College’s existence Emilians, go and lap up the Kool-Aid they serve you, without even attempting to dig the truth further. Happy Anniversary indeed.