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A Pattern of Hate, Lies & Delusion from Supporters of Duterte

Read and be educated. Stop him at the polls!

Election 2016

Are we committed…

CARMMA poster against BongBong Marcos
to see a spectre of an unrepentant evil come back to the fore? Someone’s who’s been working to make this moment happen for the past several years?

Screencap of Raissa Robles'  post
Are we willing to accept the loss of personal freedoms in exchange for security?

Davao City Mayor and 2016 presidential candidate Rodrigo Duterte meeting with Chinese officials. (Photo credit: Raissa Robles)
Are we eager to stop tension on our own backyard for the purposes of selling out our territory?

As we go to the elections tomorrow, let’s hope that we make the right call and stop this evil before it ruins our country.


Reflections by a former LitEd


It’s December 26, and it’s time to make a year-ender blog entry.

I was out of touch most of the year. I was not so visible (at least physically) to a lot of my friends. You see, I had to finish something important, something that entailed a lot of expenses and time. Had to finish it once and for all so I could proceed to other things that I think are also important. I did not organize any poetry gig in Bicol. I also did not hold a mini- poetry critique session this year, although I am passionate about it and enjoy it so much. But yes, I still sent some of my works to various publications.

The country’s executive and legislative branch earned so much flak this year. I always supported P-Noy but he surely mismanaged the Yolanda crisis. Our congressmen and senators are also being seen as a…

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Natural Disaster Management PH

(The following is a piece made by Emilian alumnus Don Salcedo as his own take on the Philippine government’s response to the aftermath of Typhoon Yolanda/Haiyan and the ideal methods for future disaster response operations. Text sourced from with the author’s permission and edited for minor style issues.

Constructive comments are most welcome. Spam and offensive remarks will be deleted immediately.)

Natural disasters have occurred in the Philippines generations before mine and it will occur generations after mine. By now we should already have sturdy protocols on how to handle such. And those protocols need to be ever evolving as we experience natural disasters on a greater scale.

Disaster preparedness does not end before and during the calamity hits our shores. We have to be prepared on how to handle the aftermath. Being prepared is good however it gives us a false sense of security that we become optimistic that there would be a low number of casualties or at best zero. Continue reading


The past few days have been a trying time for the Philippines and the world.

The news are rife with the suffering of Filipinos who have been hit by Supertyphoon Yolanda (international codename Haiyan). In places like Tacloban, Leyte, and Guiuan, Eastern Samar, thousands of people lay homeless and without basic necessities.

They need our help… and many people from all walks of life and around the world are coming together for a common cause.

Amidst all of this, there are people who stand amazed at our resilience to stay strong…

but yet there are people who are condescending and blind to the suffering.

These people deserve to be lynched, but we should not stoop down to their level.

Help our friends, our countrymen. Save them and help them recover.

Ninoy 30

Ninoy and Cory’s Tomb

Remembering a Fallen Hero; credits of Heraldo Filipino

From a dark time…

Thirty years on, we refuse to forget, but others hate to remember…


GILAS Pilipinas Logo

GILAS Roster

Tonight, a nation revels in the triumph of the host squad. And with good reason.

Tonight, the Gilas Pilipinas basketball team took on Asian powerhouses Iran for the gold medal. However, after a blazing run that saw the country taking out danger team South Korea, the Gilas went down fighting to the Iranians. Still, they brought home a silver medal, but in the eyes of a nation obsessed with basketball, it was as good as good as gold: a hard-fought campaign all the way and a well-deserved victory, with one of three Asian slots to next year’s FIBA World Championships in Spain in the bag.

For some, Continue reading

A personal opinion and hypothesis regarding homosexuality in today’s society.

by Christopher Barredo

I had stumbled upon a discussion in one of my online groups regarding gay people.

And out of the blue I was suddenly put into thought for a reply.

It has been a while since I have written about things in psychology and homosexuality was a topic I had touched during my clinical psychology class.

One of my patients was homosexual, this person was very much masculine as a child and was quite the alpha male.

So what could have possibly changed him?

(Please take note that I am looking at this in an objective fashion and am not here to tell you that Homosexuality is evil. I have many homosexual friends and my mentor is homosexual too.)

Actually, looking at it from observation,

Homosexuality is nothing new, it is present in others in the animalia kingdom.

However, Humans have a bit of a difference due to our higher cognitive ability and behavioural adaptions.

True there are some naturally born be gay (perhaps). But for many of us humans, their tendency to become homosexual was due to environmental enforcement and stimulus that had nothing to do with their natural interests in their beginning.

As an example,there are far less gay people in masculine societies than in countries that tolerate and accept homosexual activities or ideas.

Let me explain,

In psychology, we study human development.
And children grow up acquiring traits based on the society they grew-up in regardless of what their natural personalities are in the beginning.
This holds true in hate societies where violent environments produce violent people (generally).

A society where a child is reared in a homosexual culture that enforces being gay as an honorable and more acceptable direction is far more likely to produce children who will decide that they will be gay.

“Behaviourism in psychology focuses on one particular view of learning: a change in external behaviour achieved through a large amount of repetition of desired actions, the reward of good habits and the discouragement of bad habits.” If this is the case, then children who are reared thinking that homosexuality is a really honourable choice are more likely to adopt homosexuality regardless of cognition or being gay at the beginning.

“While the main issues that interest cognitive psychologists are the inner mechanisms of human thought and the processes of knowing. Cognitive psychologists have attempted to shed some light on the alleged mental structures that stand in a causal relationship to our physical actions.” I believe one of the many things that should be considered about this is the probability that our physical actions may be the result of a complete reversal of cognitive thought due to a possible change in opinion or view during the developmental stage.
Whereas before, the child is heterosexual, then that child is bombarded with negative thoughts and affiliations towards his own gender, this would be forcing a complete reversal of what is desired and known in their beginnings. If a heterosexual child is therefore enforced with ideas regarding negative traits among males, what then will be the direction of a child but to choose the more noble trait that is acceptable within the society he or she is in?

This shows a unity or symbiosis in behavioural and cognitive theories.

Let us talk about history for a while,

In ancient Greece and Rome, homosexuality was tolerated and accepted, true. However, it was still considered un-natural and often seen as a point of humour. Especially among soldiers.

Sure soldiers in Greece practiced some ass-pumping, but masculinity was the desired choice. Ass pumping had nothing to do with homosexuality for them but more with traditional rearing. You were still a man.

Alexander the great was homosexual but he acted like a man.

A feministic personality among those who should be acting masculine, males, was considered lowly despite acceptance and tolerance.
This is in contrast with “effeminate” mannerisms.

During the renaissance era, feminism was said to be the desirable trait. But this was due to beauty and charm being related to females while masculinity was more about barbaric and brutish mannerism.

This is therefore more closely akin to “effeminism”. “Effeminism” is something I would describe as being gentle and civil. Civility had to do more with the love for beauty and design (one can now see in South Korean pop culture where men look beautiful) and gentlemanly conduct and fashion (like the napoleonic gentlemanly conduct of warfare) – not homosexuality.

Today is different. Today, homosexuals are rearing society to accept that, although they are male, they should be looked upon and treated as females.
They do not wish us to see them as effeminate males but as females. Which is quite contradictory to what they really are.

It is no longer the love of males towards their fellow brothers (or bromance as some would call it) in gender that modern homosexuals espouse but a complete reversal of who and what they are – males.

They now dress up to be female (not just fashion), they have body parts medically changed to be female, they act female to be considered female (not effeminate), and they call themselves females tapped in male bodies (a denial of their physical attributes).

Now my hypothesis;

as I stated in the beginning is that, there are naturally homosexual beings.
And These, I suggest, are a small percentage of those who are homosexual in today’s society. A majority of the new homosexuals are merely environmentally reared.

What therefore are the dangers in such a system where males are being now accepted to be females as opposed to what historically was the accepted norm?

As I said, these are merely my observations.
Feel free to critique.

About The Author
Christopher Michael Barredo graduated from Emilio Aguinaldo College in 2012 with a bachelor’s degree in Psychology. He served in MAGDALO from 2005 to 2009.

Marking 115

A Big Lie?

Today is our country’s 115th Independence Day, but is there something to celebrate today?

Halalan 2013

Roster of Senatorial Candidates


Tomorrow is Election Day… May 13, 2013.

On that day, millions of Filipinos will troop to the voting precincts all across the nation to cast their votes for government officials at the local and national level.

Yes, you will get to pick your city/town’s mayor, councillor, barangay captain and their councillors. All of them will decide the policies of your community for the next three years.

However, the Senate and congressional elections seem the biggest game in town. As always, these are full of the same faces seeking to hold on to their posts for another six years – with other less-known people trying to secure their own seats in the same halls where statesmen such as Claro M. Recto, Jovito Salonga, and Lorenzo Tanada once held court all those years ago.

These past few weeks have indeed shown the best and worst that Philippine politics has to offer. This year’s elections have also shown a heady mix of people wanting to be called Senators, some even related by blood to people in high places.

Let’s dissect some of them:

1. Nancy Binay – definitely the craziest of the entire bunch from the United Nationalist Alliance, Binay was shoehorned into the party ticket because she’s the Vice-President’s daughter. Yet records show that this 39-year-old ulikba never even served a day in any public position and only worked as her father’s personal assistant. How can we even trust this poor excuse of a Daddy’s little girl when she never even attended any public debates or forums about her platforms and even dares anyone not to vote for her tomorrow? To think she suggests “issues-based campaigns” and belittles Vice Ganda’s disapproval of her as just “one vote,” she can’t even handle mock debates with her own son!

2. Jack Enrile – JPE’s only son. This pistol-packing warfreak got away from a murder case 30 years ago and wants people to move on in the name of national unity. ABSCBN shot itself in the foot by writing a Maalala Mo Kaya episode around him.

3. JV Ejercito – a very arrogant former San Juan mayor and congressman, he is nothing more than a man who wants the Estrada blood to flow through the Senate, to at least join his half-brother Jinggoy. Enough already!

4. Cynthia Villar – The wife of former presidential candidate Manny Villar could have been a good choice for small-business minded voters – if she didn’t foul things up by labelling RNs as Room Nurses instead of Registered Nurses, glossing over the fact that being an RN takes years of training.

5. Bam Aquino – This poor offshoot of Ninoy thinks he can land a Senate seat because he’s an Aquino. Yes, he’s a youth leader, an Atenean at that, but did he really have to be endorsed by his Uncle President? He’s another bad case of trying to get by on riding the name of his illustrious late grand-uncle and grand-aunt. He doesn’t know about GMA’s cheating at the polls six years ago? What rock have you been living under, Bam?

6. Grace Poe-Lllamanzares – The former MTRCB head coasting on her actress-mother and action star of a father’s reputation. Indeed, she has done some good work at the MTRCB but name-dropping your parents into the equation doesn’t work every time.

7. Chiz Escudero – A reelectionist with a lot on his hands. He is already trying to woo Heart Evangelista away from her parents, who do not approve of him because of him being a divorcee, a drunkard, what have you.

8. Gringo Honasan – one of the Craven Eleven in the 2001 impeachment trial of then-President Joseph Estrada (now running as Manila mayor). Why does this former military renegade still want to remain up there?

9. Antonio Trillanes – Another renegade like Honasan and leader of a group that our paper is ironically ribbed and alluded to. He already has reaped a lot of flak for his being a back-channel on certain negotiations with China.

10. Migz Zubiri – A sore loser if you ever saw one. Someone who prolonged an election dispute for years against Koko Pimentel and quit when things didn’t turn up his way. Now he wants to get back and face the younger Pimentel again? Good luck with that.

11. Risa Hontiveros – One of Akbayan’s deputies, she indeed cut her teeth supporting cause-oriented groups, spending six years in Congress, and almost made it as a Nobel Peace Prize laureate. This is one of the people Binay has avoided engaging in any debate, knowing she’ll get her ass handed to her.

12. Teddy Casino – definitely one of the more recallable names this year, Casino spent years on the activist circuit as part of Bayan Muna and as many members of the CEGP will attest, a frequent attendee at all their activities, being a former national president of the group. One thing that tends to haunt him is his propensity to speak against anything related to the US’ encroachment of our territory but keeps quiet when any China-based issues pop up.

13. Ramon Montano – the former PC-INP commander aims to wage “his last battle” on the Senate floor. The odds are not high.

14. Bro Eddie Villanueva – After two failed presidential bids, what does the stars need to do in order to make him understand that he’s not quite cut for politics? He is another example of why religion must never be equated with politics. Bro Eddie should stick to preaching instead of trying to advance his theocratic nonsense in the Senate floor. Lest we forget, his son Joel created the CIBAC partylist and now heads TESDA and another son, Bocaue Mayor Jonjon, is accused of murder. Who’s the next messianic loony to give politics a shot, Bro Eddie Velarde? Apollo Quiboloy?

15. Alan Peter Cayetano – Another twat given the MMK treatment. Can anyone think of a reason to vote this guy? We have his wife running again as Taguig mayor and his brother as Taguig congressman…another case of dynastic crap at work.

Obviously, these are some of the hotter picks out there this year. It may be possible that you will not have a full house listed. None of your magic 12 may even be included here. Whoever you cast, let it be someone who genuinely has the country’s best interests at heart.

May the best candidate win.