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This week, we mark the 40th anniversary of our august College.

All week long, the EAC family will have numerous activities left and right designed to show the supposedly illustrious history of our school.

Despite the revelry that awaits us, we should ask ourselves, how far has our College gone? How much have we evolved as Emilians? Even with the efforts to expand our educational offerings, the facilities and the enrollment numbers that may not be accurate yet parroted by our paper…

…we cannot deny that our school was named after a Japanese sympathizer of a president whose life story was recently highlighted in a biopic that was anything but epic.

Yes, the educational offerings may be more refined than at the time of the pearl anniversary ten years ago. But is there any real substance to it, when our students’ history lessons are taught by professors who are ordered not to discuss anything negative about Kapitan Miong?

Think about it, ten years ago, our school was limited to just seven buildings, not to mention the EAC Gym which was not even that much complete; now we have at least eight. Back then, the dormitory at EAC 1 was still active; now it serves as the facilities for the AIS. Back in the day, many classrooms at EAC 5 were bustling; now at least half of them have become faculty offices for the SAS, once known as the College of Arts of Sciences (formerly based at EAC 1 as well,) and formerly split into the College of Liberal Arts and the College of Science. The EAC Library itself was integrated with the Science Museum. The office of the Budyong Theater Art Guild at the EAC Bridgeway became the College of Radiologic Technology’s offices. Budyong was itself reformed into the Yaman Lahi Theater Arts Guild and even the Pangalay Artists Circle. Our school even hosted some events of the 2005 Southeast Asian Games – but suffered embarrassment thanks to a man who sabotaged plans for hosting an international dancesport competition (yeah, we’re looking at you, Joey Mallari!).

The Generals of ten years ago were pushovers in the leagues we competed in. During the interlude, the squad amassed a string of titles in the UCAA, UniGames, and the NCRAA – with three UCAA titles under their belts – one of which collected in an otherwise perfect season. One player from that illustrious squad now playing in the nation’s premiere basketball league – Ronjay Buenafe. Still, like ten years ago, our Generals are back to being pushovers, this time in another collegiate league.

As for the quality and the moral integrity of our paper, since the pearl anniversary, it has gone through so many up and downs. We were denied a chance to publish a special 30th anniversary commemorative issue due to politics. That same politics caused the first of many subjugations of the paper to admin subservience. We experienced a halcyon time of the paper being the students’ arm of decision – only for administration politics to rear its ugly head again over five years ago with the entrance of two advisers who sank the paper to lower depths. One of them even went further by banning veterans – save one – from joining subsequent Editorial Boards and demonized them before the serving staffers. It was understood that staffers would not be allowed to serve come junior year, but yet we have one that is in senior year.

These men rendered incalculable damage to the paper by even destroying traces of our past. And now, what kind of paper do we have, a paper that is suddenly as old as the College itself without even a shred of proof about our origins?

Go celebrate 40 years of our College’s existence Emilians, go and lap up the Kool-Aid they serve you, without even attempting to dig the truth further. Happy Anniversary indeed.


Newsweek: The End of Paper Route

An end to a remarkable journey.

This week, the popular news magazine Newsweek begins a new era in its operations. Starting January 2013, all future issues of the magazine will go digital, meaning all subscribers will be sent copies right on their mobile gadgets. The above issue hit newsstands on December 24, 2012, capping off a spectacular 79-year journey dating back to the release of the premiere issue on February 17, 1933.

This move is part of a partnership between Newsweek and the online news source The Daily Beast, wherein the publication will be called Newsweek Global. The publication management stated that the shift was prompted by increasing demand for getting news from online content. Continue reading

El Presidente

Makes you think if EAC even endorses this, knowing that it inculcates its employees against making history lessons that portray Kapitan Miong in a negative light.

Pagpapatawad at Pagkalimot? Hindi Oy!

Pagkukuha lang po ng ideya sa mga binigkas ni Pangulong Benigno Aquino III sa kanyang Ulat sa Bayan ngayong taon:

FORGIVE and FORGET ba ang pagyurak sa proseso ng pagpili ng mga miyembro ng patnugutan – at palitan ang mga nakaupo’t nanindigan ng mga tutang hinahasang maging pabango ng eskwelahan…sa ngalan ng “kailangan kasi ng bago?”

FORGIVE and FORGET din ba ang lantarang pagsisira ng arkibos ng publikasyon at sadyang magtitira lamang ng mga isyu mula sa ilang nakaraang taon lamang

FORGIVE and FORGET ba ang pagtatapon ng kopya ng mga isyu galing sa ibang pahayagang pangkampus na pinaghirapan kolektahin ng mga taga-Patnugutang MAGDALO sa loob ng ilang taon?

FORGIVE and FORGET na ba ang indoktrinasyon ng mga nasa patnugutan laban sa mga dating miyembro ng pahayagan na nababansagang nagpapahawa ng “pekeng ideyalismo” mula sa labas?

FORGIVE and FORGET rin ba ang paghawak ng pahayagan sa leeg at pagtatanggal sa paglathala ng artikulong posibleng magdulot ng negatibong isyu laban sa eskwelahan … kabilang dito ang pagpapasuri ng artikulo sa isang “technical committee” na inimbento lang ng kurakot na tagapayo?

FORGIVE and FORGET na ba ang pagmamalaking nanatili sa publikasyon kahit ang nagawa mo lamang ay pumunta sa opisina at magpatuyo ng payong?

Sa natatamaan, kala mo lusot ka na dahil nasa ibang departamento ka ng Dalubhasaan na malayo sa pahayagang sinira mo? May araw ka rin, kala mo makakatulog ka nang mahimbing? Mumultuhin ka rin ng mga miyembro ng pahayagan na kinitilan mo ng pagkakataong makapagsilbi sa mga estudyante dahil hindi nila sinikmura ang mga abuso mo!

Old FS Testimonials

It’s been almost a year since Friendster’s reformatting from a social networking site to a social gaming site.

In spite of which, we have been able to save nearly all of the testimonials sent to our then-profile by staff members who were every bit proud of their service all these years. Although there are no screencaps, the text of the testimonials have been preserved as much as possible, with spellchecks and copyedits coming as needed. They are presented from the earliest testimonial to the last and organized per staffer, as there are a couple who posted more than once. The positions of each staffer will also be posted. However, this does not contain testimonials from staffers who closed down their Friendster accounts before this profile was exported from the website.

We hope that future MAGDALO staffers can learn from their predecessors and follow their example of service for the Emilian despite the various hurdles that come their way. We also hope that this would help them see the paper as a wonderful place that was destroyed by people who inculcate them with lies about previous batches.


Juan Paolo Navarro, RMT MD (BS MedTech ’04, Medicine 2009)
-Staff Writer, July 2000-June 2001; Managing Editor, July 2001-December 2002; Editor-in-Chief, December 2002-June 2003

posted on January 9 2005 at 06:15 AM

In spite of all the “hard times” and “sufferings” that Magdalo has brought into my student life, I still wont forget Magdalo because I met a lot of friends here. Friends who sing with me, who laugh with me, and who play “The Weakest Link” with me. I would not forget the good people who stayed with me through thick and thin; and the bad, rotten people who stabbed me at the back and made everything miserable. Nevertheless, Magdalo has supported my studies for three years – I have saved a lot of money! i just hope that now, armed with the best frontliners this side of the planet, Magdalo will regain what it deserved a long time ago. For the people who fought hard but fallen, it is still a good fight. Losing the fight is far better than not fighting at all and “dancing to someone’s music”. We will just leave the fight to the new frontliners and hope that they get the job done this time. Magdalo will always be Magdalo, no matter what. Goodluck to all.

Jonas Lopez (BSMC ’05)
-Staff Writer, July 2002-August 2003; Correspondent, September-November 2004; Staff Writer, November 2004-June 2005

posted on May 02 2005 at 02:51 PM







These were some of the virtues I learned to value during my two-year stay in MAGDALO (I can’t believe I’m almost in tears writing this testimonial).

You know what, I am also all the more grateful for this publication, because this gave me (and two other former staff members) a second chance to work there again and repair the ultra-extensive damage inflicted during our absence on it’s credibility before the Emilian community and the trust placed on it by the EAC students as the school’s Official Student Publication.

Now, as I take my final bow together with some of my colleagues and march off proudly into the sunset, I will always remember the articles I wrote, the wonderful friends and hated enemies I made, my CEGP adventures, and of course, playing MECHWARRIOR MERCENARIES in the office!

I also firmly believe that the staff we leave behind will continue the battle we started. Thank you, MAGDALO!

Jigs Ong (BSN 2008)
Graphic Artist, November 2005-June 2006; Features/Literary Editor, July 2006-June 2007

posted on Mar 28 2007 at 07:05 AM

I have to admit I joined the pub ‘cos I had nothing better 2 do but I ended up loving the publication more than school itself…

I joined with an aspiration to become an artist but I ended up learning so much more…

Now that I have an idea on how the system works, I took it upon myself to let the voice of the commoners be heard…

The Magdalo has endured tough times makes me wish that I joined sooner…

The publication has undergone a lot of changes…



writing styles…




yet one thing remains constant, unchanged, unscathed, its purpose to serve and inform even if it means defiance…

Thanx to all you guys ya all know who you are!!!

Maria Lourdes Ebilane
Adviser, June 2004-June 2005

posted on May 06 2007, 11:58 AM

I am happy that I became an Adviser of this Student Publication. I have no regrets because I belong to a group of students who really fight for their rights. Kudos!

Joseph Adam Baldomero (BSMC 2006)
Literary Editor, June 2001-June 2002; News Editor, July 2002-July 2003; Editor-in-Chief, August 2004-June 2005.

posted on June 29 2007, 05:38 AM

Eternal vigilance is the price of freedom…

We really enjoyed looking at the pictures, but did she really have to put ’em in the testimonials and comments section?

Anyway, Magdalo will always be with me wherever i go… and I’m both happy and proud to have been a small part of it even for a short span of time… I’ve made life-long friends because Magdalo took me in… and for that, I’ll be forever grateful…

Take care guys…

Charmie Ubina
Correspondent, July-November 2005

posted on July 11 2007, 09:57 AM

Fond memries of magdalo. hope the newbies will continue the legacy

Anne Dominique delos Santos
-Correspondent, September-November 2005; Literary Editor, November 2005-March 2006

posted on August 13 2007, 06:38 AM

God knows how I’ve missed you guys and how hard it is for me to detach myself.

I love MAGDALO and I do still love MAGDALO. No one could ever replace you in my heart.

I owe everything from MAGDALO, my insights, my wisdom, my confidence, everything was built when I was there.

I have no regrets being a part of the publication, and I will always be thankful for making my life so meaningful.

posted on August 13 2007, 06:42 AM

I miss you guys like hell!

I love you MAGDALO!!!

I miss you betterfriend, I miss kuya Peejay, I miss Jigs, Angela, Lola Wendy, Lolo Bai, The trinity especially mommy shie, I miss the pink push pins, the pink cork board of mine, I miss the PCs, I miss the file cabinets, the creative and striking artworks, I miss the office, I miss everything about MAGDALO..

Wilma Varona
Sports Editor, July-November 2005, Managing Editor, November 2005-June 2006

posted on October 14 2007, 03:36 PM

Being a part of Magdalo is one the greatest blessings in my life…

The passion of being vigilant…
The freedom to speak our minds…
The happiness of making a difference…
The eternal bond within the group…
The fruit of hardship…
Those lessons learned…
and lessons to be learned…

Those tears…
The laughter…

I’ve seen people come and go…

But in the end you’ll realize that something’s changed…

I’m grateful to be a part of this pub…

posted on Mar 22, 2009 09:45 PM

hi guys!!! it’s nice to hear how the pub changed your lives in a positive way… i hope it didn’t changed you in a negative way. continue to seek truth & justice… continue to seek freedom… most of all continue to improve ourselves!! Don’t be afraid of rejections, Don’t be afraid of change! kick your asses into a higher ground of excellence…though that would be so far for us to achieve in a blink of an eye… the important thing there is we continue, we strive to aim that kind of excellence though i know we are still far from it; continue to have a thirst with that kind excellence…with proper guidance & the right attitude i know one day we will achieve what we always wanted … freedom!!! nyarks!!!

Peejay Catacutan (BSN 2008)
– Graphic Artist, January-March 2005, Artist-Correspondent, June 2005-March 2006; Editor-in-Chief, June 2006-June 2007; co-Associate Editor, July-November 2007

posted on April 01 2008, 01:38 PM

If the Magdalo was a reality TV show, it would win the prime-time wars hands down. Just imagine, you’d see charging professors, crying kids and the classical talk-about-the-crappiest-professor-you-know portion…and it’s great too, ‘coz after you leave the ‘house’, you’d be surprised about how much you found out about yourself and the real world and how much people influence you in both the good and the not-so-good way. I started out looking for someplace I could draw given that I was forced to take up Nursing. I ended up finding a kind of home in a mean and nasty world called EAC (too harsh?). And I love that home. And still do. I love the people in there. I still do and I guess I forever will (snap out of it, dammit!). Haha. You guys take care. Finish your studies-you can’t fight the power with a blunt sword.

Danica Lian Laigo
-Layout Editor, June-November 2007; Sports Editor, November 2007-March 2008

posted on Jul 15, 2008 08:02 PM

MAGDALO, I am greatly honored to have been able to work for this great publication. even though the crappy DELACRUZHIT administration tried to down our spirits we managed to succeed in handling the battles that have come our way. We laughed, we cried, we partied and died(hehehe), but we were able to rise from the graves the enemy buried us in… I miss the lessons that i have learned from you and i hope that i have contributed some to you, even though i was known as “the bloody murderer” I’m still the friend who have fought and will continue fighting for you… Let us RISE from other’s OPPRESSIONS, let us DEFEND our NAME and GLORY, and together we shall REIGN over all…

I love you guys

posted on October 23, 2008 11:17 AM

MAGDALO. Never let anyone turn out y0ur light. Let it shine bef0re men s0 they may see the truth that y0u bring. Nobody sh0uld hinder your heart’s desires, unless y0u bring fear up0n y0urself. People may judge y0u, criticize y0u, or do things to destr0y y0u… But never, I say never let them get the best of y0u. You may stumble at times, but remember to stand up n0 matter what. I am pr0ud of what Magdalo is n0w, and I will c0ntinue to be pr0ud in the years to c0me. I am grateful to have been part of this hist0ric publicati0n and I h0pe that our legacy lives on thr0ugh the years to c0me.. Thank y0u Magdalo. You will always be my family.

Kris Akemi Job (BSPT 2012)
Special Events Editor, July 2007-March 2008; Managing Editor, June 2008-March 2009

posted on Aug 25 2008, 06:01 AM

To be part of Magdalo is a privilege. I thank you for believing in me…in us, the new batch who carry your torch.

Reymark Catabas
Artist-Correspondent/Staff Writer, June 2006-March 2007

posted on Oct 07 2008, 07:31 PM

Mula sa pagiging isang walang pakialam na mag-aaral ng ating paaralan, umusbong at nagliwanag ang dilim na aking pinapasan. Ano nga ba ang karapatan ng bawat estudyanteng malaki ang karapatan? Ano ang dapat ipaglaban sa mga karapatan na ikinubli sa masalimuot na tinikan?

Naging palaban, natutong ipaglaban ang ang karapatan sa tamang pamamaraan, pagrereklamo na may kabuluhan at pupuntahan ilan lang yan sa mga aking natutunan ng ako’y maging bahagi ng publikasyon ng MAGDALO.

May tiwala sa sarili ngunit hindi sobra.
Marunong magtanong sa may kabuluhan na bagay.
Marunong magsanggalang sa arnis ng kalaban.
May takot sa diyos at marunong umunawa sa iba.
yan ang bunga ng pagiging MAGDALO ko.

Masyadong seryoso yata?

I twist natin.
joke lang

Salma Omer (BSN 2009)
Staff Writer, October 2005-March 2007; Green Page Director, July-November 2008; News Editor, November 2008-March 2009

posted on Oct 10 2008, 04:26 PM


2 be honest with you guys, I don’t have any idea what’s inside the magdalo when I first entered their office way back year 2005, I was on my first year 1st sem when i decided to look for someone who can help me relay my message to the responsible person. During that time, our adviser who happens to be my neighbor advised me to write a letter addressed to the eic…I was in 10th floor of e7 and gave the letter…during the conversation..the adviser asked me if I want to write articles and be a part of magdalo..I said “ok lang try ko..panu ba yun?” right then and there they asked me a couple of questions..my interview..I met the NE and gave me beat assignments.. I really don’t know what to do, where to start and how to start…parang akong nangangapa sa dilim..i’ll never forget the 1st news article that i passed, a medtech medical mission..nang ipasa ko it was printed in black ink and when i saw it posted..grabe namumula..naka-ilang follow up interview ako,finally natapos din

posted on Oct 10 2008, 04:38 PM

I would like to thank our NE during that time..Kuya Levi, who guided me all through out..our eic..Kuya Gie..who showed us the real meaning of a journalist and leader at the same time..wem, shie, wendy, kuya pj, kuya bai, tal, mak..and my present Magdalo friends..
dati para akong ignorante sa gawain ng magdalo…
now i’m the improved Salma…may self-confidence, may paninindigan, tiwala sa sarili at mga kasamahan, boses ng mga estudyante at administrasyon..i also thanked god for giving me all these gifts…sa mga nagsimula ng magdalo,thanks,w/o u wala din ako sa magdalo ngayon…to the current magdalo staffers SY 2008-2009-kaya natin ito…

Anne Jo Mendenueta
Associate Editor, November 2007-March 2008

posted on Oct 29, 2008 05:15 AM

The most important thing I learned while inside the four corners of the MAGDALO Office? Truth and justice, this prestigious organization taught me how to stand for what is right and fight for the truth no matter what the circumstances is. I am, indeed, very honored to be one of the daughters of the red scroll. And in return, i promise to continue the legacy of my beloved publication, and once again shed light to those who seeks for it. thank you guys, for guiding me all along, even for a short time, you let me explore the infinite possibilities, you helped me become the best that I could be. I am very proud to be called a MAGDALO. remember guys, always fight for what is right, for the truth shall always prevail. RocK ‘n RolL \m/

Rosal Clarino (BSN 2012)
Correspondent, July 2006-March 2007; News Editor, July-November 2007; Managing Editor, November 2007-March 2008

posted on Dec 25, 2008 05:57 AM

Once I hear that word, it speaks so much of our identity as members of not merely a student publication but also an alliance of people who are discerning for learning.

Though most of the time, we really are tagged as the activists of EAC, this alliance is fortunate enough to still attract loyal members, who have the nose and heart for a publication.

Members of the Red Scroll come and go, as I did, and I would say that this Magdalo without me is the same alliance as it is, but myself without Magdalo is not me at all.

I am privileged to bear the name of this alliance and I will make use of that critical activism I learned during my stay at the MAGDALO.

Keep moving forward!


lasor innervation

posted on Sep 01, 2009 11:47 AM

I’ve been to EAC last Tuesday and I was literally looking for the same spot, where the MAGDALO office used to be. There’s no more publication in the same room where we used to work and hang out with member. As much as I don’t want to miss anything, that spot was once a niche of the passion of people who I considered my family. so sad it has to change.

Roselier Levi Azarcon
News Editor, June 2005-June 2006; Filipino Editor, June 2006-June 2007; Sports Editor, June-November 2007; Photojournalist, November 2008-March 2009

posted on Jan 11, 2009 09:16 AM

op: Mang Levi

Malayo ang tanaw sa kung saan.
Di alintana ang matyag ng tao.
May matarik na kalagayan ng pagiisip.
Iyan si Mang Dalo,
Lahat sinisilip

Kumakampay, umiindak
Sa himig ng katanungan
mula sa likhang musika ng kusi.
Tumutunton ng kasagutan
Sa masusing pagsusuri

Ano? Paano?
Ano na? Para saan?
Bakit ganoon? Bakit ganito?
Iya’y ilan lamang sa mga katanungan,
Ng pilosopong kung sino

Tila ang lahat,
Kabit-kabit, patung-patong
Kawing-kawing, dugtung-dugtong.
Paniniwalang nasilayang ganap,
Ng malikhaing isip ni Manong.

Kakayahan niya sumagip
Ng maling paniniwala’t pananaw
Dahil kung sa isang kathang-isip
Siya si Pilosopo Tasyo, sa katotohana’y
Siyang tanging nakasisilip

Pintas sa tao
Sadyang di magkakatulad.
Iwasan maging isang normal
Na sa katotohanan nama’y hubad.
Huwag mangamba kayong bulag, pipi at bingi
Pagkat si Mang Dalo, sa inyo’y hahalili.

Nathania Garcia
Sports Editor, July-November 2008; Staff Writer, November 2008-March 2009

posted on July 16, 2009 11:47 AM

It’s been an honor to be part of the publication. Thank you is not enough.

Emalene Ada
Office Manager, July-November 2008; Correspondent, November 2008-March 2009

posted on Aug 15, 2009 02:50 AM

+thank you 4 appreciating
+our work last year..

+it is our pleasure
+to be part of the publication..

THE MAGDALO will always be in our hearts..

+more power mga ate’t kuya…

Akisa Labay
Filipino Editor, July-November 2005

posted on Nov 05, 2009 10:51 PM

Hello..everybody!!! It’s nice to know that am still recognized by your office despite what happen before. I really understand those people who verdict and eliminate me from the office. I am have NO hurted feelings for it. And I am happy coz there are people who really appreciated the true meaning of ”FRIENDSHIP”.Though it was the short term that I work in MAGDALO..Thank you for the good times that we’d share together..I miss you and love you all!!!

Androcles Pierre Ordona
Circulation/Exchange Editor, July 2007-March 2008

posted on Nov 09, 2009 07:23 PM

I’ll never see the old Magdalo before for it was now clouded and seem to fade away… oh I pray you will rise up from the dead and be glorified again!

Jose Paulo Rodriguez
Correspondent, November 2008-March 2009

posted on Dec 29, 2009 09:42 AM

I do miss being a part of the Magdalo and how Erica and Salma would always ask us for our articles. I did also enjoy covering the NCRAA and the Talakasan though non of my articles were published, well except for one lone article that did made it on the last broadsheet. Hmmmm. AFAIK, last semester, no broadsheet was published except for press release with poor lay-out and very bad grammar and sentence construction. Hoping that Magdalo would live up to its former glory.

Ernestine Giselle Cruz
News Editor, July-November 2008, Associate Editor, November 2008-March 2009

posted on Mar 11, 2010 05:43 AM

whatever happened to us??

9-11 Ten Years Later

Emilians, today is September 11, 2011.

To many of us, September 11 is usually just another day, but on that day ten years ago, everything changed for us and the world we live in.

Suddenly, the dastardly plots of death we only see in the movies become all too real, but not on a scale this big…and it turns out you don’t need a nuclear bomb or poison gas to sow terror among the populace. Just more ingenious methods to make it happen.

Anyone who have vivid memories can remember where they were that Tuesday. To the Emilians on our side of the globe, some of us were having a drink, completing our assignments, preparing our lesson plans for the following day, or logging more minutes on duty…

…then the news came in.

We first thought that the plane hitting the World Trade Center’s North Tower was simply an accident, but to have one medium-sized jet ‘accidentally’ striking a building in broad daylight beggared belief.

That is until United Flight 175 slammed into the South Tower – and more hell broke loose.

We stood in shock as people in the immediate area of the Towers were forced to head up north and away from them. We saw images of brave firefighters coming into the buildings to rescue as many people as they can and of police officers trying to shepherd those on the streets to safety elsewhere in Lower Manhattan. Many of us could barely hold back our tears seeing people fall to their deaths.

It took at least one hour for two of the biggest symbols of the Western world’s prosperity to go down and leave us all reeling about the thousands of people entombed alive inside them. However, things did not go all the terrorists’ way, because of the valiant defiance and heroic sacrifice of the passengers of Flight 93.

People are saying that going to war against the terrorists who did this is not the answer, but try telling it to those who lost loved ones in the Towers and at the Pentagon – let’s see if you don’t go home in pieces. At the same time, the entire world mourned their loss and the sacrifices. The casualty count was not just exclusive to US nationals; there were people from across the world who were starting off another workday pursuing the American Dream. There were 20 Filipinos who died in those towers and aboard the planes. Even if none of them are Emilians, we share the grief of our fellow blood siblings over there, the loved ones they left behind.

Ten years is a long time, and much has happened in our school and the world since then. In those heady days of September 2001, we were still having to cope with the stabbing incident in Gonzales St, and the CAS was ironing out the final kinks before CAS Week. Your student publication was going through the paces of producing its first magazine of the year …

…and made the fatal mistake of publishing the picture of the WTC Tourist Guy in a Chat-Raw Aguinaldo survey article. We were led back then by people with strong convictions about student journalism. On the world scene, things were more innocent, but the events of that day changed everything.

Now, ten years later, our school facilities have improved, the place is relatively “secure” and attracting much attention in spite of lower enrollment figures and Grampa Campos, Doc Eisma, and Dean Sus have long since been called home. Your publication has been subverted thrice to corrupt advisers who don’t know jack what responsible journalism is like, but possess doctorate degrees in propaganda, the degradation of the paper’s quality, and sunshine journalism. It is also led by an Editorial Board and an editor-in-chief chosen through dubious means and a figurative act of mass murder.

We have seen America strike back in Afghanistan and took it much further with Guantanamo and a war in Iraq, but have taken pains to scale down its presence there. The purported brains behind the attacks, Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, was caught at last and Osama bin Laden killed a few months ago. Two senators in different countries took over as presidents from people who ruled for the better part of a decade.

As a new decade looms before us, the world must still be vigilant and expunge the terrorists that walk among us.


Edge of Darkness: A Look Back At 2010

Fellow MAGDALO staff and all Emilians,

Another year has come and gone with more game-changing elements introduced into the battle for our school’s press freedom that is steadily going into the dogs. And the EAC administration keeps on gloating right in our faces.

This year began with the release of an issue that is adviser Armando Paras’ impromptu attempt to moon at the staff members he deliberately maneuvered to purge. The issue, erroneously labelled as Vol 1-1, was a bare-faced attempt to denounce previous batches as people he claims in his twisted mind are corrupted with “false idealism” from the outside.  As it turned out, the feedback from the students was well in the negative, with some giving it the well-deserved tag of a “Coloring book.” We also made the effort to reach out to some staffers of this batch.

As the 25th anniversary loomed, we made the effort to capture covers of previous issues in an effort to document our paper’s evolution over the years. It was a worthwhile effort, even if our school was too busy corrupting the paper to even care. We, on the other hand, used the issues to find former members, with some scattered across the planet.

Paras amplified his arrogance when he added a former staff member and posted a message in her Facebook wall in March. Despite later claims that he meant differently with the post, the message was obviously another proof of his braggadocio. The response he got a few weeks later was overwhelmingly against him, and he tried to rub it in the staff’s faces that the purge he and his cohorts did was legitimate, when it violated the Emilian’s freedom to join any organisation of his or her choice.Despite removing all of his posts, there was no denying that he had committed a grave error he will never own up to.

As June approached, there was the question of possibly trying to have his lies exposed once and for all…due to unexpected circumstances, nothing happened. The EAC administration decided to further consolidate their grip on the publication by eliminating people who have been ascertained as a major threat to them – including blacklisting a former staffer from the campus and spreading stories about a supposed confrontation between the staff member with EAC President Dr Jose Paulo Campos and OSA Dean Estefanio Boquiron that never actually took place. All the while, the staff created a special election issue and one of their members, along with Paras, participated in a trek retracing President Emilio Aguinaldo’s escape from American forces during the Filipino-American War.

The 25th anniversary in early June came and went, but as usual, there was nothing to mark it, but on the other hand, our sister publication, DLSU-D’s Heraldo Filipino, had lots of things planned.

The selection of the 2010-2011 batch again had former staff members banned from applying, despite the return of examinations that have been a hallmark of MAGDALO selection over the years. The process itself was questioned because positions were decided based on public speaking skills instead of actual journalistic skill, which spawned a dispute. It also became known that Paras spent the few weeks prior the exams trying to recruit students, including two from the 2009-2010 Central Student Council and – for no clear reason – a former managing editor who returned to school after spending the better part of a year at work.

A few weeks later, word came down that the staff members who are from the College of PT/OT joined forces about creating a college paper of their own, which eventually resulted in THE REHABILITAIRE. Such a thing smacks of conflict of interest, because if the same top MAGDALO staffers populate the senior ranks of another college publication, it leaves little opportunity for non-MAGDALO Emlians to make a difference.

In September, the same staffer who was unceremoniously blacklisted by the school made the effort to finally visit the Heraldo Filipino offices in Dasmarinas, Cavite and link up with them as they celebrated their anniversary, which is also ours as well. We also got the chance to reach out to some of the MAGDALO’s pioneers.

The staff later participated in the 2010 INKBLOTS Journalism Seminar, where ten people attended three days of instruction under the aegis of the UST Varsitarian. Given the origins of the current batch, it is a strong possibility that the lessons learned will only be used for more propaganda.

The second sem brought more revisions to the staff, with promotions galore based on perceived strengths and weaknesses, but still no opportunities for former staff due to misguided prejudices.

A few weeks ago, the staff who went to the Rizal Youth Leadership Institute’s annual gathering in Baguio City created a new special group. Called the Kabataang Pangarap ni Aguinaldo, the group’s supposed intention is to inspire bravery in the Emilian befitting the late President Aguinaldo himself. However, this may be at best deceiving, as the group is managed by the same people being given every opportunity to advance in the publication at the expense of others sacrificed in the altar of political convenience. Can this be a vehicle of youth empowerment in the College, or will it be another platform to raise sycophant student leaders trained to parrot “official policy” or extol non-existent virtues?


The events that happened to the publication in 2010 have turned out to be the opposite that happened in another editorial board…

When the Pampanga Midget won in 2004, our publication was itself emerging from another period of darkness and we strove to rebuild the Emilian’s faith in the voice we wanted to give back to them. While her administration was rocked by scandal after scandal, we in the paper struck hard at the powers that be who committed wrongs, some of whom are still alive in the College today. We ensured that change was happening, and that every Emilian worth their salt had an opportunity to make themselves heard even if they were not on the staff. We sought help from the outside and built good faith as a publication that was not afraid to tell the truth. We were in need of inspiration from other student publications whose exploits and quality of issues were worth taking a cue from, given our huge resources. Most important of all, we had advisers who knew their roles as prescribed by law and counselled us as we did our jobs as student journalists, not lord over everything from content to developing friendships with publication alumni from years gone by.

But now, as we see the only son of a legendary president take charge, the reversals are now clear. The publication is now being mentored by a misguided man who’s nothing more than a cheat even to his colleagues, the writing quality borders on praise release and editorialized news, the staff are now more selected on their “reliability” and have become every bit arrogant, even to former personnel and alumnae.

As a new decade dawns upon us, we pray that the staff will be finally enlightened to seek the truth deliberately being hidden from them, and find the evil that lies within the College. We are not the enemy; the real threat to our publication’s freedom and integrity is already out and about in the halls of EAC, and they are either too blind to see it or they have made their false peace with it.





2010 Elections

To the staff of MAGDALO and the students and faculty of Emilio Aguinaldo College,

Today is May 10, 2010, the day of the Philippines’ first automated elections.

This is a watershed moment in our country’s history, as Filipinos are looking for change after nine years of pain under the Pampanga Midget. Our youth, in particular, are determined to pick leaders of strong convictions, good qualifications, and a feverish love of country. Our paper featured the people seeking the highest post in the land, but the wrong man wrote something that was better left seen and expressed from a student’s perspective.

Who do you want to choose as this country’s Chief Executive? The President’s Son, the Real-Estate Magnate, the Licensed Pilot, the Convicted-yet-Unrepentant Felon, the Environmentalist, the Conservative Catholic, the Theocratic Wannabe, the Man from Subic, or the Tomboy?

Some candidates at every level are worthy of our vote, others are just desperate fools wanting to hold on to the echelons of power or seek them instead.

The choices we make today will shape the destiny of a nation for the next six years.

As Emilians, we must take the stand for what we believe is right for our country. We may not vote for the same candidates, but the variety of options seen in our ballots are proof that the Filipino has the choice to do something good. Don’t ever let anyone force their choices on you and over the next few weeks, we must make sure that no one gets funny ideas about Garcifying the vote. When all the votes are counted and the winners have been elected, it is now up to us to be vigilant and ensure that they will do a good job running our country.

Mabuhay ang Pilipinas. Good luck at the precincts. God bless you all.


To all MAGDALO staff and Emilians,

Today, May 3, 2010 is WORLD PRESS FREEDOM DAY.

A day that the United Nations declared “to raise awareness of the importance of freedom of the press and remind governments of their duty to respect and uphold the right to freedom of expression enshrined under Article 19 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.” (Source: Wikipedia)

A day when all members of the media come out to cry their support for free, responsible journalism, and reaffirm their call for the freedom of people bound by gag orders.

The essence of this day is not lost on all campus journalists, especially those in publications that have long since been restrained by corrupt administrators eager to make them toe the official line. This does not ring a louder bell than in our beloved publication, the MAGDALO EDITORIAL BOARD of EMILIO AGUINALDO COLLEGE-MANILA.

Over the past year, our publication has seen the worst evils that can happen to it come out in full force. The adviser, Armando Paras, executed a special plan to ban all members of the 2008-2009 editorial staff from applying for the 2009-2010 staff. Not only was the plan a success by “their” standards, the writing quality suffered as well, and the staff members they put in already needed much polishing as far as their integrity was concerned. Paras’ arrogance by denouncing the batches that came before him as “infected by false idealism from outside writers’ organisations” when he has clearly shown delusions of grandeur only shows his ulterior motives in serving as our adviser. He doesn’t deserve one more year at the post.

As the commemoration of WORLD PRESS FREEDOM DAY comes to a close, we at MAGDALO still believe in the power of the pen in affecting change in our school community and educating them on the dangers that lay in the outside world. As the 25th anniversary is close at hand, would this mark another 25 years of repression and mixed reception by the students? This we ponder…


In Defense of MAGDALO: One Year After

[Note: The following is the actual text of a post that a concerned staff member wrote around one year ago on a thread in the EAC Friendster group. The thread can be found here…http://www.friendster.com/group-discussion/index.php?t=msg&th=1980542&start=40&%5D

I have been watching this thread and been monitoring the situation on the ground for quite some time, and judging by what I read, see, or hear, I am not the least bit amused with this smear campaign Ms MA YE ALBIOLA and Mr CHRISTIAN PAUL MARTINEZ brought to our attention online. We know what you have been sending, le grand zeros you all are.

(thanks to Mr Barredo and Ms Laigo for putting me in the perfect state of mind as I write these words. just reading your posts revitalizes my spirit, knowing that you still have the same fire as I do after all these years. may your tribe increase.) Continue reading